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Maximize Your Money Within The New Energy Efficiency Laws

  As tax breaks become available, many homeowners consider using that money to make upgrades to their homes. In particular, many people are…

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Anton’s Air Conditioning and Heating Has Won The 2022 BBB Torch Award

We are thrilled to announce that Anton’s has been selected as a recipient of the 2022 Better Business Bureau (BBB) Torch Award.

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4 Warning Signs of a Furnace Gas Leak in Your St. Louis Home

Experts estimate 630,000 gas leaks in homes every year. Unfortunately, gas leaks are dangerous and severe. If you don’t find and fix the…

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Rolling Into a New Season: 6 Reasons to Get a Spring HVAC Tune-Up for Your St. Louis Home

The average temperature in St. Louis in the spring tends to be on the more comfortable side. It’s usually in the 50s, 60s,…

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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solutions for Homeowners

Did you know that Americans spend, on average, up to 90 percent of their time indoors? Here, pollutants can be anywhere from two to…

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7 Tips for Hiring Professional Plumbing Services

Bad plumbing is a problem in nearly a half-million homes across…

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What St. Louis Homeowners Should Know About Routine HVAC Maintenance

Depending on the time of year, temperatures in St. Louis average anywhere from 25°F to 89°F. These wide ranges of temperatures keep your HVAC system…

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5 Types of HVAC Services in St. Louis: Choosing the Right One

St. Louis can reach extreme temperatures in both the summer and winter months. The average lows can reach 25° F in the winter…

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A Complete Guide to Proper Duct Sealing

Experts estimate that leaky ducts can cost you hundreds of dollars in energy bills. Every time your HVAC unit kicks in, you’re bleeding…

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