There’s nothing better than coming home on a chilly day to be greeted by a warm, cozy house! And when you have a heater that’s in tip-top shape, warmth is something that can easily be acquired! However, there are some homeowners that would rather put off their heating tune-up — which can lead to an unforeseen issue.

If you’re not too sure if you should make an appointment for a heating tune-up, here are some benefits to consider:

Reasons to Schedule a Heating Tune-up
Helps Your Unit Run Efficiently

Sometimes, there could be a lingering issue within your heater that will make it work much harder than it has to. And while it might seem harmless to ignore it (because your unit is still producing heat), this can actually increase your energy usage and your utility bills — things that could easily be avoided with a tune-up.

Prevents a Break Down

Picture this: You’re about to climb into bed after a long day at work, but the minute you’re ready to fall asleep, you hear a startling noise — what could it be? No, it’s not a burglar (thankfully) or your cat — but your heater. Sadly, just like a car, your heater can give out when you least expect it. However, regular tune-ups can help prevent this from happening.

A technician will examine your heater from top to bottom, looking for anything that’s out of the ordinary. And when this is the case, if they spot something strange, they’ll be able to repair it before it turns into a much more serious problem.

To Help Get Your Heater in Tip-Top Shape, Give Us a Call!

To schedule routine maintenance for your furnace, contact Anton’s Air Conditioning & Heating by calling (314) 582-0745! Our NATE-certified technicians will help your heater and allow you to enjoy reliable and affordable comfort all season long!

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