Because of the abundance of homes in the United States that were built before codes related to energy and construction were established, the majority of those homeowners find that their home is outrageously underperforming. Founded in 1993, the Building Performance Institute is the standard to which all national energy auditing and upgrade work are held.

As a BPI Certified Energy Auditor, Anton’s HVAC is here to explain the 3 reasons being certified is important.

1. BPI’s Mission Aligns with Ours

BPI’s Mission is as follows: “To provide the benefits of home performance to the nation’s homeowners through best practice standards, credentials and quality assurance for the home performance and weatherization industry.”

We believe in the importance of ensuring a home’s safety for those who live in it and providing our customers the quality of work they deserve, as designated by this organization.

2. We Put In the Work to Become Certified

The organization recommends that contractors have some sort of building performance background and seek out additional training before attempting certification. To receive certification, there are a series of tests that must be passed, whether online or in the field. Tests are administered with a proctor and are held at approved BPI testing facilities.

Once a contractor has been certified, their certification will last up to three years. The renewal process can begin up to six months in advance of the expiration date listed on the certification. “The certifications available include analyst, contractor, and auditor.”

And, as one of only two BPI Certified contractors in the St. Louis area and Ameren’s preferred contractor, we believe we are capable of giving homeowners energy audits and equipment assessments that are sure to keep their home in good condition.

3. BPI is More Than Just Heating & Cooling

While the BPI Certification does include HVAC, it also highlights the following services:

● Weatherization

● Energy audits

● Insulation services

● Residential construction

● Home inspections

Air quality analysis

So while our contractors are certified to provide you services for your HVAC, they also provide much more than that for you and your home.

Contact Anton’s HVAC today for more information on our services!

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