What do you expect to happen if you neglect to change the oil in your car? Unless you drive a time-traveling DeLorean with a plutonium fission reactor, no oil means poor gas mileage in the best case scenario and permanent engine damage in the worst. In much the same way, neglecting to maintain your HVAC systems results in less efficient function and higher energy costs — or even damage to your unit that might spell more expensive problems down the road. Let’s look at a few ways regular maintenance is essential for homeowners.

Energy Savings

According to the Air Quality Association, regular maintenance cuts down energy costs by as much as 30%. While that might seem like trivial savings on a single energy bill, those costs really add up year-over-year. Moreover, saving that money on energy alone might well justify the cost of maintenance; in other words, even without the many other benefits of regular maintenance, you’re going to break even. And unless you’ve had a complete energy assessment, there’s no way of knowing exactly how much you’re overpaying for energy, so you may well save even more.

Extending System Life

It’s no secret that a new HVAC system is a costly investment. And if you want to avoid having to replace yours? The single best thing you can do is to maintain your current system. Most systems only last about 12 years, but regular maintenance can add several years to that lifespan and help you squeeze that least season of usefulness out of your current system before you have to replace it. Sometimes that extra bit of time is exactly what you need to make a well-informed, pre-planned decision about what new system is best for your home and lifestyle.

Ensuring Air Quality

Carbon monoxide is a real threat and is commonly caused by a cracked or failed heat exchanger. On top of checking for carbon monoxide leaks, your HVAC technician should help prevent such problems during routine maintenance. Beyond carbon monoxide, other expensive and potentially dangerous problems (like frozen pipes or water damage) should be identified during routine maintenance, meaning that if peace of mind is important to you, you can’t go without regular maintenance.

So if saving money on your energy bills, extending the life of your system so you have to re-invest less often, and ensuring your indoor air quality is high is important to you? Call Anton’s and sign up for our Ultimate Savings Club — you’ll get two maintenance visits a year for only $144. Your NATE-certified tech will make sure that your concerns are addressed and that you’re saving as much money as you can.

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