The average lifespan of an HVAC system is 12-15 years, depending on how well it is maintained.

Basic wear and tear add up over time leading to repairs and even replacement.

If you are noticing that your HVAC system is on its last leg and won’t last much longer, it’s time to think about contacting a repair service.

Continuing reading to discover the top factors to consider before hiring an HVAC repair service company for your home!


It’s important to find an HVAC repair service company that is generally close to where you live.

Make sure that you pull up a list of all of the local HVAC companies near you. Be sure to contact us if you live in the St. Louis area! Certain locations require specific certifications to fix HVAC systems. Do your best to find out who can service your system and make sure that they have the right licensure.

One of the benefits of hiring a company in your area is that they are familiar with common problems in that environment. Professionals have a good idea of the busy times of the year in your area which can add useful information.

Don’t be afraid to venture out if you do find a reliable company located outside of town!

Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews can give you a lot of information about a company in one place.

If you are unsure about a couple of companies, check out their reviews and testimonials. These will give you examples that customers have experienced while working with the company. Customer reviews tend to be on the negative side, however, so take them with a grain of salt.

Testimonials are often full of excellent references that can make you feel confident in your decision.

Cost of Services

Everyone agrees that the cost of services is important when trying to figure out who to go with.

There are a couple of ways that this could happen. Some people think that if they pay the most, they will get the best service—this, however, is not always the case. Many people recommend going with a company that has average prices. This means that they aren’t trying to price gauge you or oversell poor services.

It may be beneficial to set a budget for your HVAC repairs. If you decide to set a budget, make sure you do your research to ensure that it is an accurate cost.

A great way to save money is by watching for discounts and sales. Don’t be afraid to ask your technician if they have any specials running!

Services Offered

Probably the most important factor to consider when choosing an HVAC company is the types of services that they offer.

Our company offers installation, maintenance, and repair services to all of its customers. This comes with HVAC services and there is even more than a company should be able to offer since it is only one component of your home.

Home insulation, mold, and water chemical levels are other areas that our team can help with. The more services that your HVAC service company can offer, the more knowledgeable they will be on the product.

Once you have a list of places narrowed down, take a look at each of their services offered. This is also important because it is a one-stop shop for your family’s safety in the home.

Experience Level

After checking with the company about proper certification, you will also want to get an idea of the experience level your technician has.

Someone who has been on the job for a couple of months will know much less than someone working with the company for 15 years. This would allow enough time and experience to get the job done quickly. If you know that you have a tricky project, make sure you contact an expert.

Don’t be afraid, however, to work with new technicians. Although they may be new to the job, they might be knowledgeable and understand more than you realize.

Know What You Need

A great question to ask yourself before hiring an HVAC repair service company is why.

Why do you need to hire a company to help? Is it because you need repairs done, are hearing noises, or just need a new unit?

Know what you need is a crucial step because it helps guide conversation and order of services. Chances are, the HVAC technician will check a variety of things to make sure the unit is working properly and they can assess damage too.

Professionals recommend that you get your HVAC system checked once or twice a year, to keep things maintained and working properly. This will also help prevent fires from occurring!

Personal Recommendations and Referrals

Recommendations and referrals might be similar to online reviews, but they are often more elaborate.

By asking people you know who they work with, you can get a good idea of how a company works. The great part about this is that you can ask follow-up questions and get insider details.

Referrals are much more formal than recommendations and online reviews. People spent time putting together a document or video to explain how they would choose a company again. Look for these online or ask the companies directly if they have any.

What to Consider Before Hiring an HVAC Repair Service

There are many factors to consider when hiring an HVAC repair service company.

By utilizing the guide above, you can prepare yourself for what you will be paying for. HVAC repairs and services can become costly if the unit goes unserviced for too long. Make sure you call a technician if you notice any issues.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about our HVAC repair service company and more!

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