Have you ever walked up your stairs and felt like it jumped ten degrees? With the notorious heat and humidity of Missouri summers, this is a far more common problem than you might expect. Here we’ll break down a few reasons why you might be experiencing heat or humidity on your second floor and some solutions to keep you cool all summer long!

1. The HVAC System

The first thing to examine is your HVAC system itself. If the system size is too large, it could potentially short cycle, meaning it will run only a short time then turn off. This will cause the air to cool quickly, but not allow the moisture time to condense onto the coils. The best solution to this problem is to contact Anton’s and have one of our NATE-certified techs determine if your HVAC system is too big; and if it is, help you find a replacement system that works for your home.

2. Ductwork Issues

If you have a second AC unit controlling your upper floor, your heat and humidity issues may be caused by leaky ductwork. Your AC unit is designed to remove a certain amount of moisture from your home’s air. But if your ductwork is leaky, it will pull in muggy air from your attic into your AC system. That extra moisture will eventually leave your upstairs hot and humid. The solution? Contact Anton’s and have a specialist examine your ductwork for leaks.

3. Poor Insulation
Ever wonder why it feels cool downstairs and not upstairs? You may say “heat rises,” but there is another factor to consider: the Stack Effect. During the humid summer season, outside air enters your home through leaks in rim joist or ban boards of the house and pushes cooler air out through the cracks in top plates of walls and out the attic. The solution to this one is simple: Seal all attic electrical, plumbing and top plate penetrations, then insulate. Contact Anton’s to plug the holes in your home’s thermal envelope by investing in superior insulation.

4. Additional Considerations
Whether it’s an oversized HVAC unit, ductwork issues, or insulation issues at play, humid air means more than an uncomfortable living space: it could potentially mean poor air quality. Humid air is a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens and can worsen health conditions and allergies. Consider installing an indoor air quality system from Anton’s and see how much difference clean, pure air can make this summer!

Follow these tips for a cooler, more enjoyable summer — and save some money on your energy bills & future repairs!

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