If you’ve noticed some dust build up on your air ducts you might be wondering if, when, or how you should clean them.

Air duct cleaning is not always at the forefront of everyone’s minds. It’s usually at the bottom of the spring cleaning list and never actually gets done.

But if you’re reading this you may have decided to finally tackle the project, or more likely, call someone else to come to do it.

To learn when you should schedule an air duct cleaning and who you should call to do it, keep reading.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is the process of cleaning the different parts of a forced-air system. This includes cleaning the ducts, registers, diffusers, coils, drain pans, grilles, fan housing, fan motors, and air handling unit housing.

When you schedule air duct cleaning service they will often use specific equipment to remove debris and dirt from your air ducts. All the while they are vacuuming it out with a heavy-duty vacuum.

They may also apply chemicals in the ducts to kill any other contaminates living in the system. This could help keep your air ducts cleaner for longer.

Air duct cleaning can be a long process that you would not want to do yourself. Regular vacuums and a few other household cleaning products will not do the trick.

When Do My Air Ducts Need Cleaning

There are a handful of giveaways that will let you know your air ducts need cleaning.

Mold is an obvious one. If anyone finds or suspects mold growing in their AC system or furnace they should call an air duct cleaning technician. Remember that just because it looks like mold does not mean that it is mold.

You can call the Indoor Air Quality Association to assess the mold or send a small sample to a microbiology lab to have it analyzed.

Another common reason is dust build-up on surfaces in your home. Excess dust or contaminants might cause allergic reactions for the people living there. Or it might make you dust and clean more often than you need to.

Infestations in your air ducts would be another reason to clean them. insects, rodents, and other vermin are known to live in some neglected systems.

A few other reasons to consider air duct cleaning include the following.

An increasing electricity bill
Unexplained health problems
Dust particles flowing from your air vents

You should schedule an air duct cleaning every few years. It is also wise to schedule them intermittently as you notice the issues above.

How Is Professional Air Duct Cleaning Done

The process of cleaning air ducts can be long. Experienced technicians will use the National Air Duct Cleaning Association’s guidelines and standards.

These standards ensure that each piece of the system is cleaned properly. This keeps the parts of your air duct undamaged and thoroughly purified.

The job begins with an inspection to see how much build-up is in the air ducts. While this is happening the technician should also look for any leaks or damage in the system.

Next, they will set up the vacuum and begin sucking out any debris and dust that it can. While the vacuum is going they will dislodge any stuck-on dust with their tools at each register.

Finally, they will clean the rest of the HVAC system. Doing this as well as switching out your filter will ensure that you have better indoor air quality than before.

Good Indoor Air Quality

Your home must have good indoor air quality. Poor air quality from dirty air ducts can be the cause of many problems.

These problems include a worsening of pre-existing conditions like asthma or allergies, sickness like the common cold, excessive tiredness, and stress.

Bad indoor air quality is something that might not be apparent right away. Be sure to check your vents on occasion to see if they are dusty. If you suspect contaminants in your forced-air system consider calling an expert.

Why Get Air Duct Cleaning Service

Air duct cleaning is somewhat complex and you might not want to try it on your own. Professionals know a lot about HVAC systems and the other equipment used to perform duct cleaning.

The air duct cleaning cost can be expensive, but you can have peace of mind knowing it was done correctly by a professional. The price of your air duct cleaning will depend on these factors.

The size of the system
How easy it is to access the system
How dirty or clean the system is
Where you live

Hiring an air duct cleaning technician will make your life easier in many ways. When you hire a professional to clean your system you know that you may not need to clean it again for some years to come.

They do a thorough job to make sure no contaminants or vermin are left behind. And what’s more, is that they can make you aware of any leaks or other issues in your system.

This could save you money on your electricity bill or more significant repairs in the future.

Where Can I Find Air Duct Cleaning Near Me?

Anton’s air conditioning and heating/energy is a local HVAC company assisting in the St. Louis area. Their experts are here to help when you realize you need an air duct cleaning.

Contact Anton’s Air Conditioning and Heating today to schedule an air duct cleaning for your home.

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