Ever wonder why one room in your house is an icebox and the next is a sauna? Why your allergies are aggravated indoors? Why you’re paying more for energy than Kim K pays for Botox? It’s probably because you’ve got a leaky duct system. If that sounds a little prescriptive, consider for a minute that 95% of Americans have leaky ducts. And if you’re included in that staggeringly large figure, it means all of the above problems can be solved with a BPI-Certified Aeroseal duct sealing service. We know you’ve got a post-COVID, back-to-normal summer to enjoy, so we’ll keep this brief: here’s a few reasons to consider getting your ducts in a row.


You’re a midwesterner. That means you’re a grizzled veteran of the country’s most unpredictable weather. To you, 90 degrees is far from blistering and 45 degrees “isn’t actually cold.” But no one, not even the toughest of us, wants to deal with a swampy sauna for a living room. Consider that the average homeowner loses roughly 20-40% of their air conditioning through leaky ducts. If you’re wondering why some rooms are cool while others are muggy, that’s your reason right there. Get your ducts sealed by Anton’s and ensure that there’s an even distribution of sweet, sweet A/C throughout your entire home.


The sniffles. The achoos. The “where the hell did all my tissues go” — allergies. Even for those of us with ironclad immune systems that could give Popeye a run for his money, the roughly 40 pounds of dirt and allergens that very likely accumulated in your ducts this year are going to be bothersome. Dust particles, dander, pollutants; you’re breathing all that junk all the time when your ducts are leaky. Before you puff out your chest and give us the “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” line, consider that breathing dust is actually linked to some serious health conditions. So book an Aeroseal duct sealing and breathe a little easier this summer.


You’ve got dreams — of retiring with a little pocket money, of paying off the mortgage, of putting your kids through college. Or maybe of commissioning a life-size self-portrait of yourself wearing Renaissance garb and eating french fries. We’re not going to tell you how to spend your money. But we are going to point out that air ducts account for 20% of your energy usage annually. So if your ducts are leaky? You’re paying considerably more than you should be. That means less money to save (or fritter away on artist’s fees). Book an Aeroseal duct sealing and keep more of your hard-earned money to spend on what really matters to you.

We could get into the many environmental benefits of duct sealing, but we’re pretty sure you want to get back to enjoying your mask-free, back-to-normal summer. Before you go, book a BPI-certified duct sealing service with Anton’s NATE-certified technicians and get a 10-year warranty! Ensure an even distribution of A/C for total home comfort, kick allergens to the curb for better health, and save a little money on energy so you can spend it where it counts.

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