With energy costs rising and showing very little sign of slowing down, people everywhere have made the decision to solar! Solar gives you the ability to take control over your energy costs by producing the energy you need throughout the day right from your rooftop. When combined with a battery backup system, solar can even power most homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means your energy bills will all but disappear.

However, solar is not without its own hurdles, and the biggest hurdle for most people is the initial investment. Make no mistake: solar isn’t exactly something that the average person can install with the money they’ve got lying around. The average price of a solar energy system depends on the size of the system you install, but for an average-sized home for a family of four you can expect to pay in excess of $10,000 to $15,000. That’s a pretty big chunk of change that most people don’t just have lying around, and making those monthly payments in the early going can make it seem as though your energy bill really hasn’t disappeared at all.

However, the secret to solar is that it’s a “self-funding” investment, which means the savings on your energy bill helps pay for the cost of going solar. If you apply this savings to the balance on your solar cost, after a certain amount of time your panels will quite literally pay for themselves. And you can decrease this amount of time and pay them off even faster with a simple energy audit that our heating and cooling experts can provide!

Energy Assessments & Solar Savings

An energy assessment is a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of how your home consumes energy. Through these services, you’ll be able to see where your largest energy consumers are as well as where you can make the most improvement in your consumption in order to become more efficient. This may include a number of different things, such as checking your light fixtures, inspecting your appliances, and taking a close and careful look at your HVAC system.

Why should you get an energy assessment? Energy assessments show you where you have the most room to improve. By making these improvements, you’ll see reduced energy consumption, which means lower bills and more money in your pocket. When it comes to solar investment, reduced energy costs could mean a ton for your initial investment.

Here’s how it works. When you equip your home with solar, you produce the energy you need. What you don’t need can either be stored and saved for later or sent back to the grid through a process known as “net metering.” Net metering is a principle whereby your energy company literally pays you for the energy you put back on the grid. When your panels produce considerably more than you need (which isn’t uncommon in the middle of the day for most solar customers) you’ll see a much greater increase in your savings. That means an even greater savings, which shortens your payoff period and decreases the amount of time before you pay your system off entirely.

Improving on your energy consumption can also allow you to reduce your initial investment entirely. When your home becomes more efficient, you won’t need to purchase as large of a solar energy system, and that means a reduced upfront investment in making your switch to solar. This also means you’ll have room for growth and the ability to expand your panel system later if you find that your need for energy is increasing (which is true for most people over time).

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