You are most likely familiar with the importance of annual HVAC maintenance, but do you know about the importance of a yearly duct cleaning? Your system’s ducts require care, too, and a cleaning can not only improve your home’s indoor air quality but also lead to better health, greater comfort, and higher efficiency.

Ducts don’t always need to be repaired, but many require some upkeep after a period of time. A cleaning can not only remove dirt and debris from your system but also detect any issues that could be putting a strain on your HVAC unit.

Read on for three great reasons to schedule a duct cleaning.

1. Clean Ducts Can Alleviate Health Symptoms

Poor indoor air quality has many causes, and dirty ducts can introduce bacteria, mold spores, and other pollutants into your home where they settle on furniture, walls, and in the carpet. Your family breaths in whatever gets caught in the air on its way through your ducts, so cleaning them can eliminate many contaminants and help alleviate symptoms like itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, and headaches.

2. Your Heating and Cooling Can Work Better

Dirty ducts can impact how evenly air is distributed throughout your home. By having a professional duct cleaning, you can ensure that all of the hot or cold air that passes through your vents will be consistent. If you notice that your home’s temperature seems to fluctuate or is inconsistent even when you don’t touch the thermostat, it might be time to look into your ducts.

3. Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Dirty ducts weaken airflow, which causes your HVAC to work harder than necessary in order to deliver the same quality results. This added burden can lead to breaks and even total system failure. The stress dirty ducts place on a system also lead to higher energy bills, and those who clean theirs annually can significantly increase their savings.

To schedule your professional duct cleaning, contact us at Anton’s Air Conditioning & Heating by calling (314) 582-0745!

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