In a period that has come to be defined by COVID, issues of air quality and health have become of real importance. As we talked about in October’s blog post, there are lots of measures that can be taken to improve air quality, including bipolar ionization that can deactivate harmful substances in the air. But during the muggy summer months, there are few things more beneficial to your daily health and wellbeing than a dehumidifier. Let’s take a look at five things a dehumidifier can do for you and your home.

1. Dehumidifiers Solve Health Issues Related To Moisture

Skin, eye, and throat irritation, respiratory issues, asthma and allergy issues — these are just a few problems that are greatly exacerbated by too much moisture. The reason? Moisture contributes to the proliferation of dangerous bacteria and mold that cause health problems. According to the EPA, you should keep the air in your home between 30 and 50 percent humidity, which can be difficult to manage properly depending on where you live. By installing a dehumidifier, you can expect to alleviate irritations and health issues brought on by high moisture levels, as well as create the optimal conditions for sound, restful sleep.

2. Dehumidifiers Protect Woodwork & Furniture

The wood structure of a typical new 2,100-square-foot home contains about 635 gallons of water. When the moisture level in your house gets too high, it can seriously damage wood elements: walls, floors and furniture. This can cause wood to warp or expand, misfit doors to their frames, disrupt the gaps in hardwood floors, and misalign joints in wood paneling. Got a piano? Too much moisture can cause it to go out of tune — meaning you’ll piss off your neighbors more than you already do. A dehumidifier is the cost-effective remedy here: it stabilizes the moisture level in your house for year-round comfort.

3. Dehumidifiers Save You Money On Energy Bills

People need a certain level of humidity to be comfortable. The dryer the air in your home during the summer, the cooler you feel. So if the moisture level in your house is too high? You’re probably going to crank the A/C and run yourself up a mean energy bill. By installing a dehumidifier, you’ll feel more cool, meaning you won’t need to spend so much on energy just to keep yourself from sweating like a Swede in a sauna. Moreover, Americans are already paying too much for energy — why not offset your costs with a relatively cheap investment?

For health, for comfort, and for home preservation, the smart bet is on installing a dehumidifier. Use our easy online scheduler to get one of Anton’s NATE-certified techs out to your house and have an Aprilaire Dehumidifier installed. Control the humidity in your home with the touch of a button to preserve your belongings, improve your health, achieve total comfort, and enjoy lower energy costs.

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