When you consider that it can cost thousands of dollars to get a quality HVAC unit, you can appreciate the importance of protecting that investment.

Your HVAC unit will make the interior of your home comfortable year-round.

During the warm weather months, you’ll be able to stay cool no matter how high the temperature climbs. And during the cold weather months, your home will be warm and cozy despite the cold, snow, and ice outdoors.

While your HVAC unit can last decades, you’ll need to make annual HVAC maintenance a priority to ensure the longevity of your equipment.

Keep on reading to learn about why annual HVAC maintenance is a big deal.

Fewer Repairs

If your HVAC equipment seems to be working just fine, it might be tempting to skip the annual maintenance. But that would be a mistake.

HVAC maintenance will ensure that your equipment stays in tip-top shape. You’ll be able to ward off costly repairs if you conduct routine maintenance.

If you drive a car, you understand the need to change the oil on schedule, to get a tune-up, and to replace belts and other components at proper intervals. Doing these things will reduce the odds of your car breaking down.

It’s the same thing with your HVAC equipment. Performing routine maintenance will lessen the chances of your unit failing.

If the emergency occurs on a weekend, at night, or on a statutory holiday, the service call will cost more.

Lower Cooling and Heating Bills

Another reason why annual HVAC service makes sense is that it will ensure your equipment functions more efficiently.

The worst thing you’ll want is to have a hot and humid home during a heatwave. But if your HVAC unit needs a tune-up, it won’t function at peak capacity. It’ll use the same amount of electricity while working less efficiently.

When you set up an appointment with a reputable HVAC company, the technicians who come to your home will tune-up your equipment.

What will the tune-up process consist of? What follows are some of the things it’ll include:

Assess and adjust the belts and blower motor
Assess the thermostat
Lubricate necessary components
Change air filter
Clean out the condensate drain
Look at and fix the fins
Clean the coil

These are just some of the things the technicians will do during the tune-up. You can ask the company to explain exactly what their process entails.

Equipment Longevity

Getting a quality HVAC unit means you’ll potentially get many years of reliable service. But failing to get annual HVAC service can shorten the lifespan of your unit.

A small problem can quickly become a major problem if it’s not nipped in the bud pronto. During the annual service, your HVAC equipment will undergo all needed maintenance and repairs. This will ensure a longer lifespan.

Consider that annual maintenance can translate into many more years of reliable service. That counts for something when you consider how much it costs to buy a quality HVAC unit to heat and cool your home.

Keep Warranty Intact

When the time comes to buy an HVAC system, you’ll want to consider the warranty. You’ll get peace of mind if you get a warranty that covers any repairs that may be needed in the years ahead.

But many HVAC manufacturers will want you to show proof of annual HVAC service before honoring the terms of the warranty contract.

You won’t want to buy an HVAC unit and then void the warranty just because you didn’t take annual HVAC services seriously.

Failing to perform maintenance can lead to catastrophic failure — and you won’t want to have to pay out of pocket. So, ensure you make annual HVAC services a priority.

Better Interior Comfort

It can be frustrating if the temperature inside your home is inconsistent from room to room. You’ll want your home to be comfortable during the summer and during the winter.

If you want the interior of your residence to be comfortable year-round, you’ll want to ensure you get annual HVAC service. By so doing, you’ll be able to found on your equipment to reliably distribute air throughout your home.

Safe Operation of Equipment

Modern HVAC equipment is built to last. But that doesn’t mean that problems can’t emerge. For instance, if your equipment’s heat exchanger is damaged, carbon monoxide gas can be dispensed inside your home.

By booking an annual HVAC service, you’ll be able to address issues before they become major problems. It’s also important to book a service call any time you suspect that your equipment is malfunctioning.

Fewer Headaches

You have enough on your plate as it is. Why add to it by failing to maintain your HVAC equipment? Your HVAC unit is worth thousands of dollars. So, it contains many costly components that need to be maintained and services.

If you fail to conduct annual maintenance, you will run the risk of your HVAC equipment failing without notice. What if it fails during a heatwave or during a cold snap? It’ll cause untold stress and inconvenience.

But you can reduce the odds of experiencing such problems by booking an annual HVAC service with a reputable HVAC services company. There are many HVAC companies around. So, do your homework to find one worth patronizing.

Annual HVAC Maintenance is a Must

Are you ready to book your annual HVAC maintenance or do you have some questions about your heating and cooling equipment? We can help.

Our company offers HVAC maintenance, mold treatment, duct cleaning, duct sealing, air purification, and other services.

For the assistance you need, get in touch. We’ll be honored to help.

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