Did you know that the average American homeowner spends $2,060 per year on utility bills?

And, if your HVAC system isn’t performing as well as it should, hiking up your bills, then you can safely assume that your equipment is to blame. However, new testing methodologies have found that the majority of heating and air conditioning issues are caused by inadequate air distribution, not faulty equipment.

Thankfully, you can always rely on aeroseal duct sealing to mitigate this problem. Keep on reading for our full breakdown of everything you need to know about the aeroseal duct sealing process.

What Is Aeroseal Duct Sealing?

Aeroseal is a duct sealing product designed to improve the efficiency of HVAC equipment. These lengthy molecules stick together to fill up any gaps or misalignments in your ducting and seal them off.

To seal air duct gaps and leaks, Aeroseal spray releases a fine mist of specialist material into the air. As a result, the ductwork is well-sealed and effective.

As a result of the nanoparticles’ design and construction, air cannot escape. This ensures that your air ducts are completely sealed.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing Process: Understanding the Basics

Foam is used to seal all of your home’s vents and registers before the aeroseal duct sealing process begins. The aeroseal machine will then be attached to the ducting near the furnace or air conditioner. They will seal off the furnace after they’ve blocked everything and connected the machine to preserve the cooling and heating components.

The atomized polymer is then blown into the ductwork by the machine. Leakage spots (holes, joints, and seams) are found in the ductwork where the sealing particles attach to the opening edge and begin constructing a seal.

The Benefits of Using Aeroseal

In addition to better indoor air quality, utilizing Aeroseal to seal ductwork may have other advantages as well. Finally, this might lead to a healthier, more pleasant, and cleaner house.

Let’s explore these benefits one at a time.

Enjoying Better Energy Efficiency

Repairing air ducts, according to the US Department of Energy, is one of the most essential and useful strategies to reduce energy usage. Ductwork was also named as one of the top fifteen energy-saving innovations. When it comes to saving money on power costs, you may already be aware of this.

More than $7,235 is spent annually on energy costs by business properties. Every dollar spent is lost by an average of 30 cents if the ducting is leaking. This means that you’re paying for air that you’re not even receiving.

Aeroseal commercial duct sealing may provide another advantage in this scenario. To put it another way: aeroseal’s producers claim that it can reduce duct leakage by almost 90% and reduce energy usage by up to 30%. As a result, it might save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars per year.

Comfortable Living and Working Areas

Uneven cooling and heating in your home or office might be an indication of faulty ducting. Because certain rooms or floors may be warmer or colder than others, for example, you may notice that.

You may also notice that certain areas seem draughty, while others don’t feel like they’re getting any air at all. Uneven airflow and temperature distribution may be dramatic in certain instances. As a result, your family members, landlords, or employees may find it difficult to stay comfortable.

A more steady and equal temperature may be achieved using aeroseal commercial duct sealing. In addition, it easily improves the airflow for both cooling and heating. Consider it as an added insulation measure.

Also, aging, fractured ducting may emit a musty stench. That smell might be eliminated and stopped from spreading across your home or business by using Aeroseal duct sealing.

Improved Health and Air Quality

Manufacturers of Aeroseal commercial duct sealing say that their product improves interior air quality.

Dust, allergies, allergens, pollens, and other pollutants may enter the air via leaks in the ductwork. Exhaust fans’ performance might be adversely affected by leaks in the ventilation shaft.

Indoor air quality might deteriorate as a result of mildew and mold growth. You can expect an increase in sneezing and itchy, watery eyes in those with allergies. Mold spores in the air pose a serious health hazard, and they may also wreak havoc on the structure of your building.

You can keep these pollutants out of the circulating air by using aeroseal to seal your air ducts. It’ll reduce allergy problems as a result of the better air quality in the area. Everyone will be healthier and be able to breathe more readily as a result of these changes.

Possibly, aeroseal commercial duct sealings may improve airflow and pressure in your area by permitting more effective radon gas movement.

Non-Toxic Chemical Sealing Solution

Just like hair spray and chewing gum, aeroseal uses the same UL-tested polymer.

Also, Aeroseal is utilized at institutions such as the Nemours Children’s Hospital and the Mayo Clinic, which indicates that it is a safe and effective product.

Setting up a Reliable and Efficient System

In the long term, a lack of efficiency might harm your HVAC system.

It takes the HVAC system 20% to 40% more effort to keep the temperature at the desired level if the ductwork is leaking. Repairs become more expensive and more frequent as a result of the increased wear and tear caused by this inefficiency over time.

Aeroseal Commercial Duct Sealing: Simplified

Most people don’t realize that air sealing, in general, might be the cheapest and easiest way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. And, when it comes to aeroseal duct sealing, you can bet that leaking air will be a thing of the past.

Yet, no matter how good your airflow sealing can be, you need to ensure that your HVAC is maintained regularly. You should schedule your service now in preparation for the coming hot summer months.

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