Did you know that switching out your ten-year-old central air conditioner could save you 20% to 40% on your energy bill? Older AC units work harder, driving monthly energy costs through the roof.

Have you been searching the internet for why is your AC not cooling the house? If so, we have a must-read article for you. One of the biggest problems homeowners have with AC units is improper airflow or cooling.

Now that summer is in full force, you need an AC you can rely on during the heat of the day. Keep reading on and learn about the top seven reasons why your AC is not functioning properly.

1. Refrigerant Leaks or Low Levels

Refrigerant runs through your coils and helps transfer heat from inside your home to the outside. If your levels are low, the first thing you should look for is a leak. Sometimes, it could be the fault of your previous technician.

Some of the most common signs your refrigerant is low are frozen coils or hissing noises. You may notice your AC is running, but the house is still hot.

2. Debris or Obstruction

Debris or obstructions can block fans and compressors, making your unit work harder. If the AC is not keeping your house cool, you could simply try clearing off your unit. Outside condenser units are the most susceptible since they have direct exposure to leaves, twigs, dirt, grass, and more.

When it becomes blocked, the condenser cannot release heat from the coils, and you will be left asking, “why is my house still hot?”

3. Dirty Air Filter

At a minimum, you should change your AC’s air filter every three months. If you have family members with allergies or pets in the house, you may need to change it more frequently.

It also depends on the air filter type. For example, low-quality fiberglass filters are cheaper but will need replacing every month. Investing in high-quality filters will save you time and money long-term.

There are simple ways to check and see if your air filter needs to be changed. First, visually inspect your air filter every month. Wait another month if you don’t notice particle buildups, such as dust or debris.

However, don’t wait until your air filter is completely coated before replacing it, as this is a key sign it’s been clogged. A dirty air filter makes your system work harder and could be the culprit behind your AC not working.

4. Thermostat Problems

Yes, your thermostat may be the cause of your Google search for “AC not keeping house cool.” Improper fan or temperature settings can blow warm air or not accurately measure the temperature in your house. There are two problems:

Temperature readings

First, you could have problems with temperature readings. This is especially true if your thermostat is poorly positioned in your house. Next, you could have the fan set to “on.”

When the fan runs without the AC turning on, it could blow warm air. Instead, try setting the fan to “auto.”

5. You Need a New AC

AC and HVAC units don’t last forever, and you might just need a brand new unit. As AC units wear down, they are more inefficient and could have several repair problems that aren’t worth the price to fix them.

Central air conditioners last around ten to fifteen years, on average. Depending on how well you maintain your unit and replace your air filters, it could last longer. If you have increased your searches for “AC running but not cooling house,” and your unit is already ten years old, consider replacing it.

A qualified HVAC and AC company can recommend the best unit and size for your house. You will want to go through a reputable AC installation company since improper installation or too big of an AC unit for your house can create more long-term costs and issues.

6. Dirty or Frozen Coils

Have you wondered why your AC coils freeze? Lack of airflow, dirty filters, and weak airflow can cause frozen coils. As you remember earlier, refrigerant leaks or low levels can also result in frozen coils.

Ultimately, poor airflow impairs the heating process that keeps your coils functioning properly, leading to a drop in temperature and broken coil lines. Some signs you may have problems with your coils are:

AC is running but not cooling the house
Increased humidity levels
Visible ice

Professional coil cleaning and checking refrigerant lines are two solutions to this problem. If you catch the problem early, it shouldn’t cause any damage to the rest of the unit.

7. Improperly Functioning Compressor

A bad compressor can easily signal that your unit has reached its lifespan. Yet, when compressors are overworked, they also start to fail, even if they haven’t reached that ten to the fifteen-year mark. AC compressors help bring cool air into rooms.

Signs you may have a damaged compressor are:

Loud sounds
AC not switching on
AC not blowing cool air
Poor airflow

Several issues could be at play, from motor issues to faulty wiring. It is vital that you reach out to a professional AC repair team if you suspect it is your compressor.

Is Your AC Not Cooling the House?

Have you wondered why is your AC not cooling the house? There could be several reasons, including simple problems such as replacing an air filter. However, if you are experiencing loud noises, smells, or your AC blowing cold air but not cooling the house, you could have larger problems on your hands.

Let the experts at Anton’s HVAC help. We specialize in AC repairs, replacements, and maintenance plans to ensure your AC is up and running smoothly all summer long. Contact us today and see how we can service your AC!

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