The right air conditioner repair company could mean the difference between a huge bill and a shoddy job. For people sensitive to heat such as babies and the elderly, it could be deadly. If your air conditioner dies and you need a new one, then choose the right company for AC installation.

It’s true that not all HVAC companies are the same. You have some that rip you off and others that provide the best customer service possible. How do you know the difference? We’ll provide seven tips to choose the right AC installation company.

You’ll have the information you need to make an educated decision.

1. Research Companies that Do AC Installation

Before you make a single phone call, open up your laptop or your phone and search for an AC conditioner installation company in your area. Don’t be afraid to go outside your town because many companies serve a radius around their main hub.

Check out their reviews on several websites such as Yelp and Google My Business. These are reviews from real customers. They provide information about their experience both good and bad.

Good reviews mean they provided the best service around, but negative reviews mean they didn’t have a great experience. It could have been lateness, bad work, or too costly. Pay attention to all the reviews and make a list of companies you want to contact.

2. Ask Plenty of Questions

An air conditioner isn’t an inexpensive piece of equipment. You need a central air unit that cools your home but doesn’t waste energy. When getting a consultation, ask questions about the unit, how much it cools, and the cost of installation.

If they don’t know the answers or aren’t willing to provide them, then they’re not a good company. Choose someone else and don’t try to install the AC yourself.

3. Seek Out Experience

When it comes to installing a residential air conditioner, you want someone that knows what they’re doing. You need someone with the experience to fix problems as they come up and doesn’t need to call home base every time something happens.

Ask not only how much experience the company has in general, but also how much experience your specific installer has. You don’t want a newbie, but one of their most experienced installers. A company can have 80 years in the business, but only have an inexperienced installer, so double check before committing.

4. Ask For References

A company should be proud of the work they do. They work on many homes and businesses, and they’ve asked a few of them to provide a reference for them if anyone asks.

A reference is a customer that the company refers you to find out about their experience. Keep in mind, they’re not sending you to someone that they’ve had problems with or thought they only did an Ok job.

These are the best people they can find that love the company. They’ll provide glowing reviews because they had the best service possible by their installers.

5. They Should be Licensed and Insured

Many fly-by-night operations say they’re professional installers but are just handymen. A true installer is licensed by the state. They passed exams and certifications that show they are experts in air conditioning installation.

If the company doesn’t have a license or refuses to show you their license, then you could be getting into trouble. They may not provide good work and you’ll be stuck with the results.

The company should also be insured. If something goes wrong with the installation and the unit or your property is damaged, then insurance covers the cost of repairs. If the company doesn’t have insurance and they won’t pay, then you’re only recourse is civil court.

6. Choose a Company that Knows the Brand

There are many different kinds of air conditioning systems, and each company has different installation requirements. If you know the type of air conditioner you want, then choose a company that specializes in that brand.

They’ll have the best selection and price. Specialists tend to have discounts on units and visit classes regularly to make sure they’re caught up on the latest information. If you don’t get a specialist, then they may not install the unit correctly.

You end up needing a second visit because it’s not working properly or aren’t happy with the cost.

7. Shop Around

Every AC installation company is different. They have different prices for the units and installation. Don’t choose one right away but contact several and get estimates for the installation and what the installation covers.

You may find the cheapest only covers the installation and not a follow-up appointment if something is wrong or the most expensive offer does things that are unecessary. Shopping around gives you the best chance for finding a reasonable price for a good installation.

8. Work with the Company

We discussed the cost of a new air conditioner, but don’t argue with the company if they make suggestions. You need to work with them and find a solution that fits your needs but isn’t over your budget.

Some companies try to sell you a larger unit than you need, so know how much power your house needs to stay cool. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you want something different. They work with you to find the perfect air conditioner that is more energy efficient than the broken one.

It’s important to stay civil and treat the installer with respect.

Find the Best Company

When it comes to AC installation, the right company is everything. Don’t make a rash decision and take your time to find the company that is best for you. Your new air conditioner needs to last many years, so use the best installer.

If you want to know more about air conditioning installation, please check out our services.

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