Bad plumbing is a problem in nearly a half-million homes across the United States. People need plumbing services for broken pipes and clogged drains to ensure their home is up to code. Hiring a plumbing service is cost-effective and saves you time.

Hiring the best plumbing company involves asking about licenses, experience, and cost.

Here are the seven best things to know about hiring St. Louis plumbing companies.

1. Licenses

Check to see if the plumbing services you are hiring have a license. A plumbing service must have a license to do business in St. Louis. Failure to do so could bring charges.

A license means the company has the legal requirements to perform the work. Even an apprentice needs a license. To get a plumbing license, a plumber must go through a series of steps from a state agency.

Plumbing is a big job. Your problem may require draining lines or unblocking a sewer pipe. Having someone working on the problem with the proper training is essential.

A license gives you peace of mind knowing that you hired a competent professional.

If you are unsure if a plumbing company has a license, you can search an online database.

2. Experience

Many plumbing jobs go beyond a leaky faucet or clogged kitchen sink. A plumbing company must also fix broken pipes, water, and gas lines. Experience counts!

Look for a plumber with a lot of experience in residential and commercial jobs. You want someone who fixes a toilet or bathtub but also can diagnose more significant problems.

Experienced plumbing companies mean the job will be done correctly. You’ll spend less time worrying about if you will have to hire additional help.

Plumbing companies with experience likely also have a good track record regarding safety. They also come prepared with the proper tools. You’ll also find an experienced plumber that knows the latest trends and techniques to fix your problem.

More years on the job means seeing all kinds of problems. Each problem often presents a different solution! You benefit from that experience!

Be sure to ask a plumber for references. You can always call others who used their plumbing services to find out about their work.

3. Cost

Many people love a good DIY project, but it can cost you long-term. More than 40 percent of people recently surveyed said they ‘bit off more than they could chew’ when tackling a DIY project. People often must call St. Louis plumbing services when things go wrong.

Ask for an estimate, and feel free to shop around. You should know precisely how much the plumbing job should cost. Sometimes, a plumber might find an unexpected problem that could cost you more.

You should also be aware of the cost of materials. Does your plumber buy the necessary products beforehand to get a lower price? Inflation and price fluctuations can bring different prices daily.

Be sure to ask a plumber if they will work by the hour or if they charge a flat rate. Some plumbers charge higher amounts on nights and weekends. Rates could also rise in the case of an emergency.

4. Professionalism

You should expect the utmost professionalism when you invite someone into your home to do work. Plumbers should be no different.

Plumbers should be prompt. If they tell you they will arrive at a particular time, you should hold them to their word. Should they run late, you should get a courtesy call alerting you to the time change.

Moreover, you want plumbers to answer the phone professionally and return messages promptly. You expect them to dress appropriately. When they leave your home, plumbers shouldn’t leave any waste or mess behind.

You also want a plumber who speaks appropriately and with respect. Foul language should not happen.

5. Emergency Response

You have an emergency when a pipe breaks or your sewer line becomes clogged. You need someone to respond to your home quickly and efficiently.

Does the plumbing company you want to hire handle emergencies? Many plumbers are on call 24/7, and that includes holidays and weekends.

A plumbing problem can happen at any time. An emergency response may cost you more, but you also might not have a choice to get the problem fixed.

6. Ask Friends and Relatives

Ask your friends and relatives about St. Louis plumbing companies. Chances are someone in your network (don’t forget about your co-workers) uses a plumber. Friends will tell you what they like and don’t like about a specific plumbing company.

Moreover, friends and family are candid. They will tell you all the details you may not get elsewhere. You can ask about promptness and cleanliness.

Plumbers know word-of-mouth advertising is best. Many will often ask you to recommend their services to others. Plumbers will want to do each job perfectly to increase their business.

7. Search Online Reviews

If all else fails, read online reviews when looking for St. Louis plumbing services. Many people are likely to trust a plumber more if they read positive reviews about their services.

Reading online reviews is helpful when you don’t know anyone who uses a plumber.

Online, you can read about a plumber’s expertise and professionalism. People will write about a plumber’s reliability and guide you about using their service. Reading online reviews will make it easier for you to make a decision.

You can also search multiple companies at once rather than relying on advice about a select few.

7 Tips for Hiring Plumbing Services

Seven tips for hiring plumbing services include checking for licenses, asking about experience, and considering the cost. It would be best if you also thought about professionalism and emergency response. Before hiring, ask family and friends and search online reviews for the best plumber.

If you’re looking for a plumber in St. Louis, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We come with the necessary experience, and no job is too small! Allow our experts to give you the best price!

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