Are you looking for the right professionals to install your HVAC? Read here for thirteen questions you should ask before hiring HVAC installation services.

Between 2 and 3 million HVAC systems are replaced each year, and that has led to a steady increase in the total number of HVAC companies throughout the country.

Do you need to have a new furnace installed in your home? Or is it time to go through with installing a new air conditioning system for your house?

There are so many HVAC installation services that can lend a hand.

But when you’re installing a new HVAC system, you don’t want to trust just any HVAC installation service to get the job done. You’ll need to work hard to hire the best HVAC company possible to install your new HVAC system.

Begin by researching different HVAC companies in your area, and then reach out to as many of them as you can to ask them a series of questions. Here are 13 questions to ask before hiring HVAC installation services.

1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Installing a new HVAC system in a home isn’t particularly easy. It’s why you won’t want to hire an inexperienced HVAC installation company to assist you with it.

One of the very first questions you should ask an HVAC installation service is how much experience they have. The more experience they’re able to provide, the better off you’ll be when you install a new furnace or replace an old AC system.

2. Which Areas Do You Serve?

When you’re on the hunt for HVAC installation services, you’re most likely going to create a list of options by Googling “HVAC companies near me.” This should set you up with a long list of services in your area.

But it’s worth noting that not every single one is going to be from, say, St. Louis if that’s where you live. There might be some from neighboring cities that end up getting worked into the mix.

With this in mind, you should always check with HVAC installation services to see which areas they actually serve. You don’t want to get stuck working with one that has its headquarters in a city that’s an hour away. It could make your HVAC installation so much more challenging than it has to be.

3. What Services Can You Provide?

Most HVAC companies are going to be able to provide you with the same basic list of services. But we should point out that this isn’t always going to be the case.

There may be some HVAC companies that will only provide repair services and not specialize in installations. You’ll want to weed some of these companies out so that you don’t even bother considering them.

You should also be able to look at an HVAC company’s website to see which services they have in store for you. But it also wouldn’t hurt to double-check with them so that you know for sure which services they can provide.

4. Which Types of HVAC Systems Do You Install?

Many HVAC installation services will have specific types of HVAC systems that they’ll install for the most part. For instance, a company might only install HVAC systems made by a brand like Rheem.

If you aren’t all that concerned about which type of HVAC system you end up with, you might be able to skip this question. But if you have some idea of what kind of HVAC system you want, you’ll need to locate an HVAC company that sells it.

5. How Much Do Your HVAC Installation Services Cost?

The price you’ll pay for a new HVAC system will depend on many factors. You’ll need to keep this in mind when you’re shopping for one.

Here are several factors that’ll impact the cost of a new HVAC system:

The type of HVAC system you want
The size of an HVAC system
The location of your existing HVAC system

The HVAC installation service you hire will also have a lot to do with what you’ll have to pay for a new HVAC system. You should try to obtain quotes for an HVAC system from at least a few different companies so that you’re able to get the best deal.

6. Can You Provide Financing for HVAC Installations?

Are you planning to pay for a new HVAC system out of pocket? If so, you won’t need to worry about trying to find an HVAC company that can provide financing for you.

But if you know you aren’t going to be able to afford to pay for a new HVAC system outright, you’ll want to look into trying to finance one.

Don’t be shy about asking HVAC installation services about their financing options. The best services will be more than happy to set you up with the financing you need.

7. Do You Provide a Warranty on HVAC Installation Services?

As long as you hire one of the best HVAC installation services around, you won’t have to be too concerned about anything going wrong with your new HVAC system anytime soon. But just in case it does, wouldn’t it be nice to know you have a warranty in place?

Great HVAC installation services will have you covered with warranties that’ll last for a long time. It’ll prevent you from having to pay to get an HVAC system repaired just a few years after it was installed.

8. What Is Your Reputation Like?

Almost every HVAC company is going to tell you that they’re the best HVAC company in the business. But would their customers agree with that?

You should ask an HVAC company what kind of reputation they have. The good ones will respond by showing you all the online reviews they’ve been able to rack up over time.

9. Can You Send Over References?

In addition to showing you positive online reviews, a reputable HVAC company will also be happy to send you references. You can call a few of these references to find out what you’ll be getting yourself into by hiring a particular HVAC company,

You might feel satisfied after seeing all the positive reviews an HVAC company has. But if you want to go the extra mile and check out their references, you can do this by asking to see a company’s references.

10. How Soon Can You Install a New HVAC System?

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners don’t plan ahead when it comes to replacing an HVAC system. They’ll wait until their HVAC system conks out on them before having it replaced.

If you’ve done this, you aren’t going to be able to wait around for too long to have a new HVAC system installed. You’ll need to have one of your local HVAC installation services visit your home ASAP to get to work.

You should kick off your initial conversation with them by asking how soon they can install an HVAC system for you. If they have a lot on their plate right now, that alone may be reason enough to work with a different option.

11. Who Will Actually Handle an HVAC Installation?

An HVAC company might have a lot of experience under its belt. But that doesn’t always mean the HVAC technician they send will be the most experienced person in the world.

It would be worth checking with them to see who will actually be handling your HVAC installation project. They’ll be able to provide you with additional information on their technicians and the type of training they’ve gone through.

12. How Long Will It Take to Install a New HVAC System?

Once an HVAC company shows up at your home to install a new HVAC system for you, you’ll want them to be in and out as fast as they can. Ideally, you don’t want an HVAC installation to drag out over the course of many hours or even several days.

The exact time it’ll take to install a new HVAC system will depend on the type of HVAC system you’re buying and where it’s being installed. But it will also depend on which HVAC installation service you hire. Some companies work quicker than others.

Try to get estimates on how long each HVAC company thinks it’ll take them to install an HVAC system for you. It’s another key factor to consider in your search for a great company to help you.

13. What Makes Your HVAC Installation Service Different?

The final question you ask an HVAC company should be a subjective one. You should have them tell you what they think sets them apart from other HVAC installation services in your area.

Some companies are going to get caught off-guard by a question like this. But the ones that are truly the best won’t have any problem breaking down what differentiates them from all the rest.

You’ll have more confidence in the company you hire when they offer up a wonderful answer to this question.

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