Save Money & Live More

When you add it all up, the leaks, holes, and gaps in the average home’s thermal envelope are the same as leaving a window open every day, all year round. You can set the thermostat lower, bundle up, and shiverin order to keep energy costs under control, or you can contact the insulation specialists from Anton’s Plumbing, Heating/Cooling and Energy Experts.

Enjoy Total Indoor Comfort

Whether you need an energy audit to pinpoint problems or would like to insulate your attic, walls, or basement, we can complete your project on time, safely, and in an organized fashion that leaves behind no mess, damage, or debris. These processes are cost-effective and provide ongoing rewards.

Most older homes lack the necessary insulation. Adding insulation to even a newer home will most likely recover the investment within a few years. According to the Department of Energy, a properly insulated attic can lower your heating bill by 10-50%.

During warmer seasons, sufficient insulation helps stabilize indoor temperatures to reduce cooling costs. Air that escapes through exterior walls, windows, and doors wastes unnecessary amounts of energy and raises your utility bills. A tightly sealed envelope combined with adequate insulation can make a real difference in your budget, comfort, health, and enjoyment of your home.

Professional Home Insulation Installation

If we determine that your home could be improved with additional insulation, we can get started on the project right away so that you can soon see the benefits of an insulated home. We offer a variety of insulation options, including fiberglass, cellulose, and spray foam. Through the meticulous installation of a range of quality insulation options, the experts at Anton’s Plumbing, Heating/Cooling and Energy Experts help homeowners live better.

Start with an Energy Audit

To identify problem areas, you may want to consider scheduling an energy assessment from Anton’s Plumbing, Heating/Cooling and Energy Experts . Our specialists can provide an insulation check to verify how much insulation you already have, locate areas that require sealing, and make recommendations for improvement. By sealing any leaks in the home envelope, your insulation will deliver greater benefits.

Our team is trained and experienced in home energy assessment and the professional installation of insulation. We add energy efficiency, comfort, and value to homes across St. Louis, offering rewarding solutions for both new construction projects and existing homes. We are specialists in energy audits, HVAC efficiency, and energy savings, customizing our services to your specific needs.

  • Reduce exterior noise pollution
  • Achieve more consistent temperatures
  • Lessen the amount of pollen, dust, insects, and pests that enter the home
  • Control humidity levels
  • Reduce HVAC-related expenses
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