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Air Purification in St. Louis

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Have you been coughing or sneezing a lot lately? Does your house feel particularly dusty, no matter how many times you clean it? Or maybe your air has just been extra stuffy and stale recently?

If any of this is ringing a bell for you, call Anton’s Air Conditioning and Heating today for top-notch air purification in St. Louis. With our specialty Antonizer Air Purification System, you may be able to remove a range of harmful pollutants that are present in houses across the country. The EPA has found that indoor air pollution may now be an even greater threat to people’s health than pollution outdoors, yet too many homeowners don’t do anything about it. Fortunately, our indoor air quality experts are committed to providing products and services designed to help your entire family breathe easier and feel better. Call now, and let Anton’s Air Conditioning and Heating upgrade your air quality ASAP.

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All About Our Antonizer Air Purification System

Anton’s’ Antonizer uses cutting-edge green space air disinfectant technology to reproduce the effects of fresh, outdoor air inside your home. A self-cleaning ionization system that can handle 10,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air, this unit can be mounted at multiple points in your HVAC system, including air ducts and fans. Most air quality products that are powered by ionization have an output of 250-400 million ions per second, which limits their effectiveness to fairly small spaces. Our Antonizer, on the other hand, has an output of up to a trillion ions per second, and has therefore proven effective for a variety of large commercial and residential spaces. The technology this product is built with has been installed in buildings on multiple continents, including hospitals, government facilities, seaports, police departments, schools, and more. Think of the Antonizer as a kind of iron shield against any pollutants present in your air supply, including biological contaminants such as bacteria, mold spores, fungi, and viruses.

Benefits of our Antonizer Air Purification System include:

  • It Can be Installed in 15-30 Minutes
  • It Can Neutralize & Eliminate VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • It Can Neutralize & Eliminate Odors
  • It Can Neutralize & Eliminate Biological Contaminants (Viruses, Bacteria, Etc.)
  • It Can Neutralize & Eliminate Particulates (Dust, Pollen, Etc.)
  • It Discharges Static Electricity & Therefore Helps Prevent Electrostatic Build-Up
  • It’s Fairly Priced
  • It’s Completely Safe, Ozone-Free & Environmentally Friendly
  • It’s Been Shown to Lower HVAC Operation Costs by 30%
  • It’s a 24/7 Self-Cleaning System
  • It Comes with Universal Voltage
  • It Comes with Proven Performance Data ( Provided Upon Request)
  • It Helps Reduce Skin Irritation & Eye Irritation
  • It May Help Extend the Shelf Life of Your Produce
  • No Replacement Parts are Necessary
  • No Maintenance Is Required
  • Its Technology Has Been Certified Safe in the United States and Europe
  • Its Technology Has Been Shown to Have Health Benefits by Leading International Research Institutions
  • It Has Done Well in COVID-19 Test Approvals

Three are three main types of indoor air pollutants found in the average person’s home: particulates, VOCs, and biological contaminants. While particulates tend to be the biggest allergy-triggers, and VOCs are often accompanied by toxic odors, biological contaminants are perhaps the biggest risk to the average person’s health and well-being. Any microscopic organism that floats through your air falls into the category of biological contaminants, including pathogens such SARS, Norovirus, H1N1, H5N1, MRSA, E.coli, and the Novel Coronavirus which causes COVID-19.

While it should be stressed that no product has proven to be 100% effective at protecting people from COVID-19, recent tests show the technology in our Antonizer is 99.9% effective at removing this type of virus in airborne environments. The fact is that in the world we now live in, you can never be too careful. For the health and safety of yourself and your family, it is important to do everything you can to fight airborne pathogens, and an excellent way to do that is by installing an air purification system like our Antonizer.

Call for an Innovative St. Louis Air Purification System Today

Installing an air purification system can make a world of difference for anybody with allergies or respiratory issues, and it may make your home safer for children, the elderly, and immunocompromised people as well. Yet at the end of the day, a quality air purifier also improves daily health and comfort for everybody. At Anton’s Air Conditioning and Heating, improving health and comfort is what we’re all about, which is why we’re so thrilled to share our Antonizer Air Purification System with you. Call today to learn more, and don’t forget to ask about all our amazing heating, cooling, and IAQ products.

To schedule an appointment with Anton’s Air Conditioning and Heating, give us a call at (314) 582-0745. You can also contact us online for more information on available deals and specials.

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