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If you’re looking for superior performance and outstanding cost savings regardless of weather extremes, consider a geothermal system. Efficiency ratings from 350% to 550% allow consumers to heat or cool the average home for around a dollar a day. Our licensed technicians draw from extensive training and in-field experience to handle your project effectively. From design and implementation to ongoing maintenance, we provide immediate and lasting rewards; you can expect a 40% to 80% savings on your utility bills.

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A Cost-Saving Investment

While geothermal technology might seem like something brand new, it’s been around for quite a while. These systems are proven to be effective, reliable, and long-lasting.

Some of the many benefits of geothermal heating and cooling include:

Lower utility bills: Heat and cool the average 2,000 square foot home with a geothermal system for a dollar a day. With only minimal amounts of electricity required to transfer heat to and from the ground to your home, the system generates around four units of energy for every unit of electricity.

Investment value: Although a major investment, geothermal options greatly reduce the cost of operation and can offset the cost of installation in three to five years.

Environmentally friendly: The US Environmental Protection Agency lists Geothermal as the most environmentally responsible heating and cooling option available today.

Hot water advantages: A geothermal system can supplement your hot water needs, cutting up to 30% off your annual water heating costs.

Low maintenance: Requiring only periodic checks and filter changes to operate in peak condition, year after year, your geothermal system saves time and money on maintenance.

Extensive service life: The geothermal unit is located indoors, where it is safeguarded against the abuse of weather extremes and can be expected to last over 20 years. The ground loop delivers approximately 50 years of dependable performance.

Safe performance: Geothermal systems eliminate the concerns associated with combustion, such as flames, fumes, odors, hot surfaces, formaldehyde, or carbon monoxide.

Non-invasive: These systems do not intrude into your daily life, operating on the same basic principle as your refrigerator, with ultra-quiet sound levels.

Installation, Repairs, & Maintenance

From HVAC to solar, when you contact Anton's Plumbing, Heating/Cooling and Energy Experts for installation, repair, or service, know that your project will be handled by NATE-certified technicians who adhere to strict procedures, keep to an organized timetable, and complete work accurately. We practice ethical business management, maintaining all required local licenses, full insurance and liability coverage, and handling warranty obligations in a timely fashion.

Our team is happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have, provide the information you need to make the best possible choices, and schedule convenient appointment times.

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